The Beginning

It started as a dream and became a reality in the year 1995. With training in chemical engineering of  Mr Jainesh Jain. The company built up the facility for manufacturing of bulk drugs.

In Action

Unidrug started manufacturing two products in May 1997. With a core focus on quality, we received continuous support from customers. The product portfolio also increased, which enabled Unidrug to see a remarkable increase in satisfied customers year on year including many MNCs.


We believe that long-leading manufacturers of Tinidazole and Ornidazole (both anti protozoal molecules) in India and are looking to expand with several products added to the portfolio.

Mission Ahead

To achieve a turnover of Rs. 70 crores by the year 2023, with its versatile manufacturing unit, latest technology, In-house Research & Development facilities, Process Developments and with a consistent growth rate.