About Unidrug


To build and sustain an organization which is customer oriented, innovative and where quality is the hallmark of every operation.  


We shall achieve Customer Satisfaction through Excellence in Quality.

We will maximize value and make positive, lasting, substantial improvement in theperformance of our work. 

We aim to remain a manufacturing company that is able to attract, develop, excite and retain exceptional quality conscious customers and beextremely ethical in our practices.

Director's Message

To lead the change in this brave new world, one should be an active participant to shape it to the next level of growth, to Envisage and Transform an idea in to absolute business propositions and wear the mantle of the industry leader. We at Unidrug have crafted our space in the industry's spectrum by setting the scorching pace for innovation and development leading to performance par excellence.

Our eternal quest for development, passion for excellence and a never-ending zeal for hard work has been noticed and appreciated by our valued customers. We have transformed our dreams into realities on the strength of rock steady belief and hard work. Our philosophy of moving up the value chain by increasing our portfolio of value added products, continues.

We at Unidrug, recognize that contemporary technology and a quality assurance system represent the most effective drivers of customer value. As a practice, regular customer visits and an efficient feedback mechanism have resulted in adequate and timely communication. This feedback enables the Company to make relevant asset and process modifications to strengthen the customer experience and generate repeat business. We provide our customers with various technical support in their operations. As Managing Director of the Company, I have bound myself to give the assurance to our valued customers that all our products have passed through strict quality check. We, at our plant and laboratory, have a dedicated team of expert technicians who are continuously giving the best up to our customers’ satisfaction.

We believe that good business is not just about adding value to a Company but also to the environment. Environmental consciousness is not just incidental to the Company but integral to it. We are committed to conducting on business safely, ethically and in an environmentally responsible manner that protects the natural resources and the environment in which we live. In consonance with this philosophy, we continue to invest in environment friendly assets and technology.

On behalf of Unidrug, I feel grateful to all customers who have inspired us by their unstinted wholehearted support and cooperation which has been a great asset and we hope to be associated with them as we grow from strength to strength.

Warm regards,

Jainesh Jain